Manheim Township Music Association
The Manheim Township Music Association is a volunteer organization chartered to supplement and support all music programs of the Manheim Township School District. MTMA serves to augment, coordinate, facilitate, and otherwise assist the Administration, Faculty, and Students of the School District in the enhancement and enrichment of its entire music curriculum and music related extracurricular activities.
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What We Do

Some of our contributions include:

  • Distributing grants for music enrichment programs in all our schools, K-12
  • Offering financial assistance for students who would not otherwise be able to afford to attend the biennial Music Department trip
  • Providing volunteer and financial support for music festivals hosted at our HS
  • Awarding $100 scholarships to six graduating music students each year

Important Dates, 2018-2019

MTMA Board

Steph Gibson

Amy Martin

Stephanie Palmer

Angela Stanavage


November 6, 7PM, HS: General Meeting

December 8, HS: Pancake Breakfast

February 23, HS: Cabaret

March 5, HS: General Meeting